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War of Flour

War Flour Berga takes place in the Plaza de San Pedro de Berga on Carnival morning. This massive confrontation involved Berguedans and foreign grouped into two camps: the Carlists, ranging from blue, and the Liberals, who were red. Carlists carry red or white pants, blue jacket and a red beret, while the Liberals with white pants, red jacket and beret (although just go identified with one of the two colors to choose from). The arsenal of war festive consists of 17,000 pumps, which are made of paper filled with a mixture of onion carbonate of lime and second (because it was thought appropriate to throw flour), which is responsible for the organization supplied free of charge. As a recent addition, it has also highlighted the participation of a team of health “Green Cross”, which install a tent in the battle field where a hypothetical injuries heal with a touch of humor lightning mixture to clean the throats of “flour”.

Flour War current begins when both sides -carlins liberals- and breakfast, separately, in different establishments Berga. During breakfast reviewed arsenal of bombs flour and preparations made to face the battle: revised glasses, scarves and all the clothing needed for battle, but also the strategies and tactics -emboscades direction attacks, etc to earn it.

Once breakfast, the two sides are moving in formation marching towards the battle field, accompanied by a band that plays hymns of “Irrigation” if Liberal and “Oriamendi” If Carlos.

During the battle one another rush kilos of “flour” so friendly and happy, try to advance their side. Once the battle, a representative of the winning side up on the balcony of the City speech and proclamation of victory. Then winners and defeated go to the Plaza de San Juan, where the armistice was signed that put an end to the confrontation making a vermouth

Text: Manel Carrera Escudé, with information from Quirze Grifell

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Author: Queralt Vegas

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