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The salt mountain in Cardona

Salt Mountain is a hill at the foot of the Sierra de Garrigues and right Cardoner River. South of the town of Cardona. The hill is drained by Salt stream that runs down the valley to the confluence with Salina Cardoner La Coromina. It is of low relief, but with a very unique geomorphology with deep incisions result of the peculiar form of erosion processes related to dissolution of salts.

Called “Minilla” the only gallery open to the public Cardona. Mine is a small carved into the Salt Mountain which opened around 1920 to investigate the site and look Silvina (potassium chloride), which was the mineral interest, but it was in small quantities. Minilla later served as a photo of mine ventilation large
and in 1996 was adapted to the visits by opening a second mouth on the outside. The total distance is about 500 meters.

The stalactites and stalagmites. In several places of the mine brine dripping from the ceiling and dripping down the walls. When the water evaporates, the salt precipitates
∙ masses forming crystal clear very white, taking the form of stalactites, when placed on the ceiling, and stalagmites formed when earth. Its white color is due to iron oxides that give color to the Salt Mountain are not soluble in water, so the salt brine door only, without the minerals that give color.

Salt Mountain, formed by halite (rock salt) naturally. It is the most visible part of the diapir.
Continental sediments were deposited above the salt. Here are lifted by the rising diapir.

Author: Noemí

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