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Southern Exposure

Abrucena, Almeria, 2011 ©Xavier Aragonès

Abrucena, Almeria, 2011 © Xavier Aragonès

Puerto de La Ragua, Granada, 2011 © Xavier Aragonès

My girlfriend’s family comes from Abrucena, a small village of 1300 inhabitants in the mountains of Sierra Nevada, between the Almeria and Granada provinces in Andalusia, Spain. The photographs in this post were taken during several trips to the area and belong to a work in progress that I have named as Southern Exposure. All the images that appear or will appear in the future in this project were taken with a Yashica Mat 124 G medium format film camera and Kodak Portra color negative film.

Author: Xavier Aragonès

1979, Pineda de Mar. Fotògraf intempestiu i caminant compulsiu. Publico les meves fotos a fotosintempestives.com.

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