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Under the sparks

When devils are coming the scene of the procession of the Sitges Festival transforms: virtually everyone flees and on the streets only fans of the fire are left, almost all adolescent boys and girls who follow the devils and beasts placing themselves under the storm of fireworks. To protect themselves they only war sunglasses and a straw hat that has become the icon of the young lover of devils and firework beasts.

It’s a strange and extraordinary show to see how all these kids dance frenetically to shake off their bare skin the sparks of glowing metal. One never ceases to admire this adol·lescent and silly courage, but still courage at the end of the day. The unbearable heat of summer in Sitges, the thick smoke of firecrackers, the mephitic smell of gunpowder, the deafening explosions… it disrupts the senses and transports us to a surreal dimension where all the leaping figures stand out in a background of dazzling flashes…

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Author: Ignasi Montserrat

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