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My reflected world

I love reflexes…

When I walk the streets, I like to see what goes on inside the windows, the life that is happening inside.

And then, when I take the picture, the world outside is reflected in the window, creating two different, parallel universes, with different colors and rhythms.

But in the photo they are united, they understand each other; they become part of one another.  They become one image.

They become one world.  The reflected world…  My reflected world…

el bus TDF

_MG_7834 TDF

Espiando TDF

besando el mundo TDF

la cara que nos mira TDF

me como el mundo TDF

retocada 2 TDF

tel. 02077349984 TDF

Centre de dia TDF

Author: Júlia Roca

Creo firmemente que la fotografía tiene poder, el poder de hacer especiales momentos cotidianos, de convertir en protagonistas a personas anónimas...

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