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Redescovering Gaudí

Everyone knows him. More than 7 million people visit Barcelona every year, and most come mainly to see his work.  His art has become the symbol of the city, and thanks to him (amongst others), Barcelona is considered one of the epicenters of Modernism.

I would like to be able to visit more buildings and corners, I would love to have less people around so I could appreciate the art as it deserves.

But in spite of that, I thank the fact that they are part of the city where I live, and that, once in a while, I can come close and take pictures.

Here are some of my photographs of Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia, while i was redescovering Gaudí.

Sagrada Família:

Techo TDFVitral TDF  Sagrada Familia TDF


Casa Batlló:

Reflejo TDFEl cielo 2 TDF  Lampara TDF El cielo TDF

The floor in Casa Batlló:

Suelo TDF  Suelo 2 TDFSuelo 3 TDFSuelo 4 TDF

Author: Júlia Roca

Creo firmemente que la fotografía tiene poder, el poder de hacer especiales momentos cotidianos, de convertir en protagonistas a personas anónimas...

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