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Four months ago we decided to adopt a dog, a friend told me about “Vida Animal”, an animal rescue association, so I wrote them. Our only condition was that he was a not very large in size and adult dog. Everyone knows that people buy puppies or dogs adopted by educate them, watch them grow, etc … but we wanted a companion dog and thought why not one that may never come to be adopted. Immediately write the message we were called, happy to know we were looking for an old man. They had several, but they sent pictures of Toby and so, in a matter of four days, appeared the hairball, 13 kg, little bark and ignores other dogs and some humans.

Within four months and lost 2 teeth, and rejuvenated several years. George, your veterinarian has told us about 9 years (his nose and teeth give him away) but if it is not said, no one believes. The first color photo was the day we took him first to see the sea. It scared with the sand, the sound of the sea, even his shadow. From the third day, the first thing he always does to reach the sea, you get to find a stick. I, like everyone likes, but with the amount of dogs in the streets, rather than buying should adopt. Toby was found with a wound in his side, a woman threw boiling water when he entered his property.

The wound was there but left to play and is no longer a nervous dog. Carlos, a rescuer, who was found and adopted for two years until he got his new home, ours. And so it is every day in the streets of any country, people buy a dog and leaves because they arrived holidays, or for whatever reason … but dogs are abandoned as if they were trash. Thankfully the number of associations dedicated to take dogs off the streets and provide a minimum quality of life, as in the case of animal life in Costa Rica.

Toby, is a grateful dog barks and more and no longer ignore us. Now does that look abandoned whenever we left it alone, awaits behind the door and follows us everywhere we go.

















Author: Sylvia Gutiérrez

Fotógrafa y diseñadora costarricense, residente en Barcelona desde el 2005

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