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Behind the scenes

I’ve always had a strange hobby for photographing people or figures from backwards. As if it was only at that moment when I can go completely unnoticed and grasp things without others noticing. A sort of legitimate voyeur to what is happening at that moment in front of me. It is as if, somehow, I could be a witness of things that could not be seen from the other side. In fact, I think you can capture many particularities from the back when the others are fully unaware of what they do or how they move, escaped from what goes on behind their heads.
This is a compilation of people and elements, known and unknown, captured in different years with my old Yashica and with different types of film.












Author: estefania

Li apassiona la fotografia, però sent especial predilecció per la fotografia de caire social. Ha treballat com a fotoperiodista a El País i al Diari de Sant Cugat i actualment col·labora en la revista musical Mondosonoro.

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