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Nearby the sea

Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is synonymous of wind, fish and sea. Looking like Cádiz or La Habana, this coastal place is a huge balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Within the walls that make up the medina of Essaouira lies the harbor, a meeting place for fishermen, buyers and children, and has become a place full of tradition. There are few brave tourists buying their fish there; most prefer choosing and having their fish cooked at the promenade. The authenticity, however, of Essaouira’s harbouir pushes you to do as the locals: ask for some sardines, bream, prawns and squid in exchange of a few dirhams. Essaouira is a mixture of smells, tastes and feelings all begining nearby the sea.

Parada peix Essaouira

Venda peix Essaouira

Venda peix Essaouira

Venda de peix Essaouira

Venedor peix Essaouira

Homes al port d'Essaouira

Homes al port d'Essaouira

Author: Claudia Frontino

Periodista i apassionada de la fotografia. Endinsada recentment en el món analògic i amb ganes de disparar al carrer.

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