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Matsuri Japan

A Matsuri is the equivalent of what we call a town festival. Generally they are local celebrations that are held during summer and usually include processions, parades, traditional games and food stalls. Many participants also take the opportunity to wear a yukata, a light cotton kimono most appropriate for the summer heat than traditional kimonos.

The Japanese population is quickly increasing in Barcelona. The latest statistical data available set in 2486 the number of residents by 2011. If the trend continues, most likely the current figure is around 3000. Add this to the growing popularity of Japanese culture and it’s easy to see it was only a matter time for us in Barcelona to be able to enjoy every summer of one of the most cheerful and informal aspects of Japanese culture.

In the present case, the event also serves to display a special melting pot: It is not unusual to see spaniards who are enthusiasts of the Japanese aesthetics or culture who take the opportunity to bring their own kimonos while Japanese dancers show their good arts flamenco, which enjoys a great popularity in Japanese land.


Kayoko Nakata, flamenco dancer who lives in Barcelona since 2009


Tradicional dancer from Kayoko Nakata’s team


Japanese dishes in food stalls is usually different from the one in restaurants


Tambor ‘Wadaiko’ amb Shogo Yoshii i Dacchi Takada


Assistents al festival


Ensenyant als assistents com executar una senzilla dansa tradicional


Craftwork and merchandising for sale


Original local variations of traditional clothing


The audience of this year has been larger than in the two previous editions


Festival attendees

Author: Toshiko Sakurai

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