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Lo-fi drylands

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Lo-fi is a cathegory that most companies trying to sell it to us do so by encouraging family and friends snapshots. If you look at a promo booklet by Lomography or Lensbaby, to name two, you will see plenty of OoF happy snaps of smiling hipsters, intense-gazing hipsters or blind drunk party-rocking hipsters. They do not think of landscape photography as one of their assets and I think this is a mistake cause landscapes make for a much more pleasant subject to shoot at than hipsters: they don’t move, they keep at the same focal distance, won’t ask for a picture for their facebook (for which they won’t credit you, because who the fuck you think you are), won’t endlessly babble on Iranian indie movies and you won’t have to bring them home piggyback cause they’re too drunk to walk straight. Landscape totally is a chap whom I would go for drinks with, not you, dumb hipsters.

And still even landscapes aren’t perfect, even if they won’t spill their margarita over you or close their eyes at the very moment you are pressing the shutter, there are quirks photography with plastic cameras with meniscus lenses that aren’t easily overcome. First, the best you gonna get is a soft, soft snap, which doesn’t mean it will be a pansy, but that it won’t have exactly world-class sharpness. And if you’re using a medium format camera (yes, kids, there are psychos out there that make plastic cameras that use pro film) you will have the golden chance to lose half your pictures due to a sonuvabitch of a light leak because of the lousy lightproofing design. But hey, that’s what we were in for, wasn’t it? To take weird pictures, I mean. And they’re gonna be weird, I give you that. But when you get the knack of it, you can control what kind of weird you gonna get.

Now, all this was just to indtroduce you to my happy summer landscape snapshots, made at more than 100ºF in the open, the whole country turned into a gigantic forno di legna. I made it cause I’m a true action hero and I have the sense of self-preservation of the average lemming; results were as expected, which is much to say, and pays for the extreme summer weather at Garraf and Bages, where the images were taken. There’s also a cityscape from Cardona, which is a beautiful small town. Which reminds that a childhood friend of mine once told me that them people at Cardona fucked at one o’clock and at Cardedeu they fucked at ten. It’s a wordplay cause in my language una means one, deu means ten and cardar means to fuck. It really makes sense in Catalan. Goddamn poet, that cat. But the truth is that Cardona isn’t just fucking at one, but all year long: in the summer it’s fucking hot and in the winter it’s fucking cold and I keep going because I might have a deathwish or something.

Author: Ignasi Montserrat

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