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Identity symbols

One day my father took from the box room its old Yashica FX -3. Since he showed it to me, I did not separate from it.

For me, shooting with film roll has something special: I think more before I push the button. That is why, unlike usually happens to me with the digital, I do those photos for some reason. I really don’t know why, but they all have a reason for being.

I am a nostalgic from people and places. That is why in most cases, people remind me of a place or a certain scene and vice versa. So when I get to review the file, many times I find that pictures of places or objects have direct relationship with the people I photographed prior or later. Both photos, the portrayed and the scene, aparently with no relation, are closely related in my imagination . They constitute symbols of the identities that built my life and my memories, because I I’ve lived things with that person in the scene photographed, or something more abstract because they remember me to her. Ah, sweet nostalgia.

Author: estefania

Li apassiona la fotografia, però sent especial predilecció per la fotografia de caire social. Ha treballat com a fotoperiodista a El País i al Diari de Sant Cugat i actualment col·labora en la revista musical Mondosonoro.

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