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Ghost town

During the year I lived in the city of the light, one of the film rolls I used with my Yashica was a black and white expired. I do not remember the brand, but it would surely be one of those rolls that are sold very cheap in fairs and shops without knowing if the pictures can be revealed. Once I revealed the film roll, I discarded and put in a mental “bin” folder many photographs, poorly exposed or veiled. But when I looked at them again a few years later, I realized that all of them responded to me to a haunting and spooky atmosphere. In most of them people didn’t appear, or if they did they were far, unfocused, imprecise. Unintentionally, due to their own conditions of bad rolls,  a particular Paris was uncovered.

Author: estefania

Li apassiona la fotografia, però sent especial predilecció per la fotografia de caire social. Ha treballat com a fotoperiodista a El País i al Diari de Sant Cugat i actualment col·labora en la revista musical Mondosonoro.

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