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Fossil Fuel (III)

Combustible fòssil © Xavier Aragonès

BV-1248, Sabadell, 2012.

Combustible fòssil © Xavier Aragonès

N-II, Cervera, 2012.

Combustible fòssil © Xavier Aragonès

N-II, Vilagrassa, 2011.

“I’m certain the people in the future — long after the automobile has been forgotten — will regard the highways as enigmatic and mysterious monuments which attested to the high aesthetic standards of the people that built them. In the same way that we look back on the pyramids or the mausoleums in a huge Egyptian necropolis as things of great beauty — we’ve forgotten their original function. It’s all a matter of aesthetics.”

(J. G. Ballard)

“Combustible fòssil” is a series in progress about the landscape surrounding national, regional and local roads in Catalonia.

Author: Xavier Aragonès

1979, Pineda de Mar. Fotògraf intempestiu i caminant compulsiu. Publico les meves fotos a fotosintempestives.com.

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