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Discovering Poblenou

When I go out to take pictures of Barcelona, I like to choose a neighborhood and spend the morning or the afternoon there, discovering spots, walking through its streets.

Some months ago I decided to go to Poblenou; I was looking for a spot for a photo shoot and the best way to find it is by walking.

I was very lucky because my friend Marta came along.  Marta is from Poblenou, and while I was taking pictures, she was giving me a history lesson of the buildings, the abandoned factories….

A great experience…

Here is a small compilation of that day.

poble nou 1poble nou 2 poble nou 3 poble nou 4 poble nou 5 poble nou 6 poble nou 7 poble nou 8 poble nou 9 poble nou 10

Author: Júlia Roca

Creo firmemente que la fotografía tiene poder, el poder de hacer especiales momentos cotidianos, de convertir en protagonistas a personas anónimas...

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