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Close to mainland

Everything started when I was talking to a good friend. It was how I met Josep, worker in the tugboats of the Port of Barcelona. His work, along with the crew, is to help large ships to maneuver and dock at the various docks of Barcelona. Workdays are like a marathon: usually they extend full days, depending on the ships that have to enter, so that the crew has to take turns for having meal or rest. Then, a few days of rest on mainland with the family.

Just after enter at their  workplace I felt very well cared for them and impressed by the large ships they had to tow. Also I felt attracted by the stories and the people on board. Somehow, you could feel the hardness of the medium -the sea -with which they have to live. I hope going off the mainland soon.



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Author: estefania

Li apassiona la fotografia, però sent especial predilecció per la fotografia de caire social. Ha treballat com a fotoperiodista a El País i al Diari de Sant Cugat i actualment col·labora en la revista musical Mondosonoro.

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