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Blessed be the light

Light gives life, it brings warmth, it gives us confidence.  Our eye adapts to the different types of light without problems: we adapt to warm light and cold light, from daylight to halogens.  But our camera is different, it perceives real tones, real colors… The cold and the warmth, the reds and the blues.  That is why I love searching for the light with my camera.

El escenario el metro web     Sensual web   colores - explosión web   BolicheDrive In webEl Payaso webEl Pasillo web

Sometimes light can also be black and white, but it doesn’t mean that it loses its magic…La magia del teatro web Studio B webcafe cinema webobservando web

Author: Júlia Roca

Creo firmemente que la fotografía tiene poder, el poder de hacer especiales momentos cotidianos, de convertir en protagonistas a personas anónimas...

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