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The art of tattooing is increasingly common for everyone, although not one thing now. Many years ago people practiced this art drawn on the skin. Because I say art? gifts for tattoos among the thousands who have come to do during all this time, we can find very good that authors spend their days drawing and tattooed. This art is not only going to paint the skin is exposed to an open lead of a great artist that give us confidence that we do what he wants on our skin, it was as if a painter to paint on cloth and be exposed to the home or dining in a museum.
Some time ago I discovered a great author of this world, and the publication that I plan to do today is a tribute this great artist.
The pictures are taken in a small exhibition living thing that was made a few months to Kovent Cal Rosal (Berguedà). I hope you like them and if you stay with wanting to see more works by this author, visit his website.


DSC_0583_2 copia

DSC_0568_2 copia

DSC_0581_2 copia

DSC_0572_2 copia
DSC_0561_2 copia

DSC_0566_2 copia


DSC_0571_2 copia

DSC_0575_2 copia

DSC_0580_2 copia

DSC_0591_2 copia

DSC_0594_2 copia

Author: Queralt Vegas

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