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My home and I

This is my home and this is me.
These are my spaces, my intimate spaces, places that outsiders who do not know me will never see.
This is my daily life.
The things that I live with every day, my order and my mess.
I decide to photograph everything with my lensbaby.  It’s a way to see everything from a different and distant perspective.

Mi Casa y yo-1 Mi Casa y yo-2 Mi Casa y yo-3 Mi Casa y yo-6  Mi Casa y yo-10Mi Casa y yo-4Mi Casa y yo-5Mi Casa y yo-9 Mi Casa y yo-8 Mi Casa y yo-7

Author: Júlia Roca

Creo firmemente que la fotografía tiene poder, el poder de hacer especiales momentos cotidianos, de convertir en protagonistas a personas anónimas...

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