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alone in the dark night

The night is fascinating. Visually transforms wherever it reaches, adding a mysterious atmosphere, an atmosphere that vanishes into the daylight.

Into the unsearchable shadows just beyond the light, or even bellow the clarity of a lamppost, everything is interpretable. Beyond the senses, the camera always sees more than the eye does, showing its particular feel and distortion of the night…

This is the first series of a project about the night, where lonely people are seen as the real characters in an scenario of shadows, and where the light increases the sense of loneliness that one can feel in a big metropolis.


Chica solitaria en Born de Barcelona, de noche

Mujer solitaria camina de noche en Born de Barcelona

Hombre solitario fuma de noche en Born de Barcelona

hombre solo de noche en balcón de Barcelona

hombre pasea de noche delante del MACBA de Barcelona

mujer fuma sola en el Born de Barcelona

hombre fuma solo en el Born de Barcelona, de noche

trabajador seguridad en vehículo blindado, Barcelona, de noche

chica sola bebiendo en bar del Born de noche en Barcelona

mujer camina sola frente a una pared en Born de Barcelona, de noche


Author: Ivan Sanczewski

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